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Stunning stained glass for the Alice Springs facility

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Making sure the facilities are clean, functional, and practical for palliative care guests is a priority of course but so is making things aesthetically beautiful as well. A pleasing and inspiring environment can be a very important part of someone's journey and make some of the most difficult days somewhat brighter.

It was with this motivation that the Central Australian branch of Palliative Care NT approached empowered and talented locals to help improve the windows in the hall of the facility, with some artistic stained-glass creations. After discussion amongst the branch members, it was agreed that the local country was a uniting topic of interest and love for people from all walks of life that have come to and from the centre.

Given the Central Australian country is what the region is most famous for, the branch suggested the window design align with two themes - the sand hill and desert oak country and the waterholes and gorges.

As is often the case, a tenacious committee member had heard about local business man Michael Sitzler's sponsorship of windows in the local church and approached him to see if his generosity might extend to the Alice Springs palliative care Facility. Of course it did and before long, well known and much beloved local artist Peter Toyne was commissioned to create 4 windows along the two desired themes.

The response has been wonderful, with residents, visitors and staff all enjoying the way the light falls through the coloured glass as the sun moves through the day and the chance to see a little bit of country as they move through their day in the palliative care facility.

A huge thank you to Michael Sitzler for his generous donation and Peter Toyne for his exceptional talent and creativity.

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