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Decision Making and Planning

Image by Gus Moretta


Advance care planning is the process of discussing and documenting future health care

wishes, values and priorities, when someone is unable to make decisions about

important matters in the final months and days of life.


Advance Care Planning Australia has detailed information on this topic. 


The Advance Personal Plan gives the person the chance to plan for what they want and records their decisions so that others can act on their behalf when the time comes, to put those decisions in motion.  

The main parts of the Advance Care Plan will tell others what the person’s choices are regarding medical treatment and contains legally binding directions about their choices. The plan will also record whom they have chosen to make decisions on their behalf when they can no longer communicate.  

You can read more about advanced care planning, on pages 8 to 10 of the NT Palliative Caring booklet. The section on Advanced Care Planning has information about the Advance Personal Plan, how to find support in languages other than English, how to plan a funeral, choose a decision-maker, make a will, and more. 

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It’s okay to change your mind – even with the big decisions. Above all, the health and wellbeing of everyone involved

is the priority.

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